Bathroom Toilet Waterproofing Solution

Bathroom Leakage Inspection

Water leakage inspection in Bathroom/Toilet. Viable waterproofing solution to stop water leakage from cracks or leakage not seen from naked eyes.

Toilet Leakage Assessment and Solution

Employ the least hassle no hacking water leakage repair method suitable to stop water leaks.

Bathroom/Toilet Repair Actions

Stop water leakage by performing relevant solution to close up the cracks. Efficient method with no delays, water will cease to leak or flow without having to wait for one week or more.


Access that waterproofing and leakage stoppage method method to waterproof and stop leakage has been performed well and ensure that 100% no water leakage with thorough inspection.

Understanding Bathroom/ Toilet Leakage

Bathroom Wateproofing, Stop Water Leakage

Toilets and bathrooms are the areas whereby there is almost daily exposure to water. If the waterproofing system is not properly installed or has worn out, it is almost certain that water seepage will occur and cause leakage problems either in adjacent rooms or on the ceiling directly below the toilet. This is very problematic because when water leakage happens from your toilet, it forces you to not use the toilet to prevent further water leakage

A good waterproofing system will last over a decade without any problem but houses which are more than 10 years old are more likely to face bathroom/toilet water leakage issues due to wear and tear. Certain tell-tale signs of water seepage and leakage happening are:

    1. Yellowish/flaky ceiling board at the area directly below the toilet
    2. Wet paint works and plastering on walls or ceiling
    3. Periodic sounds of water dripping

There are many methods in which you can repair the water seepage and leakage issue. You may choose to hack and remove the entire toilet’s floor tiles, cement and waterproofing membrane before re-installation of new waterproofing system and floor tiles. However, these methods of repair is costly and dirty yet time consuming.

There are other alternatives which are more effective and provides substantial cost savings to stop toilet and bathroom water leakage issues from constantly happening. Not only it is cost effective, there will not be any hacking or much dust involve in solving such water leakage issue.

If you are facing any of the symptoms of water seepage and leakage mentioned above we will be more than happy to share our cost-effective and proven-to-work bathroom and toilet waterproofing solution. Contact us for a non-obligatory consultation session today!

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