Basics of Home Waterproofing Method

Home Waterproofing Methods

Waterproofing is a highly niche trade in the construction industry and also the building maintenance industry. A properly built waterproofing system can last years or even decades. Well executed water leakage repairs can last for years or even decades as well. There are many waterproofing products in the market but there isn’t a one-waterproofing-system-suits-all kind of product, some waterproofing systems are suitable for the toilets, some may be better for balconies or concrete flat roofs while some may be specially used for swimming pools and basements. The key is to identify the area to be waterproofed and use the most suitable and appropriate product for it.


If you are trying to repair a leakage problem

First utmost importance to locate the source of water. Some people (sometimes even waterproofing contractors) make the mistake of treating the place where water is leaking from, most of the time this way of treatment does not work. The water has to be stopped at its source instead of where it is leaking out from. The source of water seepage could be from external walls, roof, water pipes, windows, and many more possibilities. Therefore if you are looking to solve your water leakage problems yourself, identify and trace the source of the water first.

After you have successfully traced the source of water seepage, you need to find the appropriate way and use the necessary tools and materials to block out or seal up the source of water intrusion. Using a suitable and appropriate material is crucial to the success of the repair, you may consult a waterproofing specialist on this or check with your local hardware store.

Some times when the damage that is causing the water leak is not serious, it is possible for you to rectify the problem yourself and need not engage a waterproofing contractor or specialist. For example, your metal roofing sheet or roof tiles are damaged by a falling object and the crack or hole is not that big, there are off-the-shelf products which you can use to patch up the crack or hole to stop water seepage. If the problem involves serious wear and tear, it is advisable to seek professional advice and consult, i.e. a waterproofing specialist contractor.



Some water leakage problems require special machinery, equipment and expertise which almost impossible to do it yourself. Some of these repair methods which you are unlikely to be able to perform are:

  1. High Pressure Polyurethane Injection Grouting (To repair water seepage from concrete structures or walls)
  2. Epoxy Injection Grouting (To repair structural damage)
  3. Torched-on Waterproofing Membrane (For roof’s waterproofing)
  4. Fibreglass Waterproofing System (For roof or exposed surface’s waterproofing)
  5. Low Pressure Polyurethane Injection Grouting (To repair water seepage from electrical conduits or trunkings)

Identification of the source of water seepage may not be an easy feat but fret not, SWC Construction provides non-obligatory onsite consultation and you may send in your enquiries via e-mail or call in to speak to our waterproofing professionals.