Our Acclaim PU Injection Grouting Method

Water Leakage Inspection

Inspection of suspected water or any kinds of leakage with aid of technical waterproofing knowledge and equipment to determine root cause of seepage, cracks and leakages

Leakage Assessment and Solution

Employ the least hassle injection grouting method of repair suitable to stop water leaks

Repair Actions

PU injection grouting is mainly used to inject into concrete, honeycombed concrete, soils, pipes, pipe intrusion and other voids using high pressure equipment to close up the cracks without any knocking or hacking


Access that injection grouting method to waterproof and stop leakage has been performed well and ensure that 100% no water leakage with thorough inspection.

Understanding to Water Leakage Problems

Over time, concrete and other porous surfaces may experience cracks and voids due to movement, expansion and etc. If these cracks and voids are found in wet areas (external wall cracks, toilet floor slab cracks, etc), water will enter these cracks and voids and search for weak spots to exit. More often than not, structural water leakages are due to such cracks and voids.

In order to repair this defect found in concrete and/or other porous surfaces that is causing the water leakage, we carry out PU Injection Grouting. A brief method statement is as follows:

  • First of all, create a hole in close proximity to the crack line/void.
  • Next, inject PU at high pressure into the pre-drilled holes. The PU grout will expand as a result of reaction with water and this fills up the cracks and voids found.
  • Lastly, seal up the pre-drilled holes.

In SWC Construction, we only use the best PU grout that is available in the Singapore market. Despite the price being higher than the other alternatives, we insist on only using the best PU grout because a good quality PU grout can last for a much longer time than a lower quality one.

The benefit of using PU Injection Grouting is:

  • no requirement for hacking and damaging of flooring and tiling
  • cleaner and quicker process, saves up to 3 times the duration of work
  • way more cost-effective solution as compared to conventional methods of repair