Wall and Ceiling Waterproofing @ Marsiling HDB Flat

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Works involved:
1. High pressure PU injection grouting to R.C. ceiling water leakage area
2. High pressure PU injection grouting to joint between R.C. ceiling and down-pipe water leakage area

It is very common for leakages to happen around the joints between R.C. ceiling and your pipe. Do not mix this up with a pipe leak because the source of this leakage is not faulty pipes but rather, damaged waterproofing around your pipe’s surroundings. As a result, water seeps into the cracks and voids and leaks into the unit below.

This problem can be very easily resolved using high pressure PU injection grouting which will fill up the cracks and voids between the pipe and R.C. ceiling, preventing water from seeping through these voids.

After carrying out PU injection grouting, the leakage will stop immediately. This does not require any hacking which is dirty and costly. Get in touch with us now for free consultation

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