Ceiling Waterproofing @ Pasir Ris

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Works involved:
1. High pressure PU injection grouting to R.C. ceiling water leakage area
2. Waterproofing of R.C. flat roof
3. Low pressure PU injection grouting to electrical conduits to stop water seepage
4. Waterproofing of zinc roofing using PU-based waterproofing sealants
5. Waterproofing of full-height façade window using PU-based waterproofing sealants

During site inspection, this private property in Pasir Ris was suffering from serious water leakage and seepage issues from multiple sources. Firstly, they faced water leakage from their R.C. flat roof which is a result of damaged/worn and torn waterproofing layer. Secondly, they faced water seepage through their zinc roofing. Thirdly, the house suffered from water leakage through their electrical conduits which was a sign of poor sealing around electrical lightings/sockets etc.

The design of the house’s full height façade window was also a source of water seepage due to jointing wear and tear.
After our team of experts conducted the site inspection, we managed to solve all the above-mentioned water leakages/seepage issues in two weeks.

Contact us if you are facing similar water seepage issues and be assured that it will be a breeze in the park for us to solve your leakage and seepage issues.

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