Wall Waterproofing and Roof Waterproofing @ Changi

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Works involved:
1. High pressure PU injection grouting to Level 1 kitchen R.C. ceiling water seepage areas
2. High pressure PU injection grouting to joint between R.C. ceiling and down-pipe water leakage area @ Level 1
3. Waterproofing of entire dividing wall
4. Waterproofing of full height aluminium window frame using PU-based waterproofing sealants

This house used to face serious water seepage through their dividing wall. Initially when our team of experts went for site inspection, the entire dividing wall was cracked and showed symptoms of water seepage into the house. Indeed the internal side of the wall had multiple leakage spots and the paint works were all damaged. We cleaned the external wall surface, applied one coat of primer followed by two coats of waterproofing membrane. And the seepage problem stopped.

Furthermore, the kitchen was facing multiple leakages on the R.C. ceiling as well. The false ceiling boards were on the verge of collapsing. We carried out high pressure PU injection grouting to the water seepage areas and immediately the water leakage stopped. Call Us Now!

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