Waterproofing @ Sussex

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Works involved:
1. High pressure PU injection grouting to entire swimming pool’s R.C. retaining wall (approximately 100 metre run)
2. High pressure PU injection grouting to R.C. wall water seepage area
3. Waterproofing of full height aluminium window frame using PU-based waterproofing sealants
4. Waterproofing of external aluminium cladding water seepage area using PU-based waterproofing sealants

Swimming pools are another source of water leakage and swimming pools are especially vulnerable when it comes to water seepage because a slight soil settlement or excavation works nearby will affect the structure of your swimming pool which may potentially lead to damages to the waterproofing system.

However a leaking swimming pool can be repaired without hacking and removing the entire waterproofing system, PU injection grouting is able to fill up the cracks and voids found in the R.C. structure and strengthen the structure to prevent further water seepage issues.

Furthermore, aluminium window and sliding doors are often the source of water seepages. Over time, the seals around such frames will get worn out especially in Singapore which experiences extremely hot weather. It is important to re-seal the frames every now and then to prevent water seepage through your aluminium window and door frames.

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