Water Leakage Repair @ Ewe Boon Road Condominium Basement R.C. Retaining Wall, R.C. Sump & R.C. Slab

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Works Involved:

1. High pressure PU Injection Grouting to entire basement chamber’s R.C. retaining walls
2. High pressure PU Injection Grouting to R.C. Sump & ceiling slab

The water leakage is happening at the basement sewerage chamber where the entire estate’s sewerage sumps were located at. There were serious water ingress via R.C. retaining wall, R.C. ceiling slab and through the R.C. sewerage sumps. The repair works involved approximately 1,500 injection ports. Currently all the water ingress has been resolved and basement is not threatened by structural defects.

In this case, PU injection grouting is the only realistic option to solve the water leakage issues and all other methods of repair will not be able to solve the problem. Enquire with us today for the most effective method of repair to solve your water leakage problem.

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