Waterproofing @ Google Data Centre Singapore

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Works Involved:

1. Low Pressure PU Injection Grouting to twelve Underground Manhole’s electrical conduit wiring water leakage areas

The electrical conduits were having water leakage and water was dripping out of these electrical wiring conduits. It was a safety hazard because water and electricity combined can potentially result in electrocution. As a result, we were engaged by our client to carry out low pressure PU injection grouting to all the electrical wiring conduits so as to repair the water leakage and stop water from entering the conduit further.

Advantage of PU injection grouting in this scenario is that it is highly costly to remove and reinstall the electrical wirings, if not even impossible. In this case, PU injection grouting is preferred because it is non-invasive and is highly effective in resolving such leakage issues. Contact us now to speak to a professional about your water leakage problems!

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