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Over time, concrete and other porous surfaces may experience cracks and voids due to movement, expansion and etc. If these cracks and voids are found in wet areas (external wall cracks, toilet floor slab cracks, etc), water will enter these cracks and voids and search for weak spots to exit. More often than not, structural water leakages are due to such cracks and voids. Stop these water leakages by waterproofing the cracks isolating water leakages. 

Toilets and bathrooms are areas whereby there is almost daily exposure to water. If the waterproofing system is not properly installed or has worn out, it is almost certain that water seepage will occur and cause leakage problems either in adjacent rooms or on the ceiling directly below the toilet. A good waterproofing system will last over a decade without any problem, get your bathroom and toilet waterproofed with us.

Roof leakage and seepage starts to happen after a period of time as roof tiles and metal roofing sheets expand and contract in intense change in the climate weather. Over time, these roof tiles and metal roofing sheets get damaged and starts to crack causing water to leak. Waterproofing of roof is needed to prevent water leaking from such cracks and expanded tiles. Shut all possible water leak by repairing the damaged area.

A leaking swimming pool is a frustrating problem because it is difficult to pin-point the exact spot where the water leakage is occurring. It is especially important to work with waterproofing specialist contractor when it comes to repairing swimming pool’s leakage problem because it is exorbitantly expensive to hack and remove the entire swimming pool’s waterproofing system and re-installing the entire system over again. Let us help solve your water leakage issue with our waterproofing method.

Basement is the foundation of the building and the rest of the building is rested on top of the basement. It should be a known fact that what surrounds the basement structure is usually soil which is constantly damp and there is presence of water in the soil. This exposes the basement walls to constant contact with water and dampness. If there's no proper waterproofing insulation, it might create a heavy cost as the structural of the building might be damage due to water leakage.

Balconies are exposed to the weather all year round and the waterproofing system to be used on your balconies must be able to withstand rain and shine, day in day out. Some waterproofing systems are more suitable for balcony’s usage because it has better elasticity properties to withstand constant expansion and contraction due to the weather. Experience a long lasting water leakage free balcony with our non hacking waterproofing solution.


What are our clients are saying about us?

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I always had waterproofing issues in my house despite engaging several waterproof contractors. Was on the verge of giving up and decided to live with the unresolved waterproofing problems.

Fortunately for me, I met Stanley through a common friend and was told of his good skills and workmanship in waterproofing. I decided to give it one last go and engaged Stanley.

Stanley listened to my previous experiences and after a thorough on-site inspection, he managed to find the root cause. He went through a detailed step by step explanation for his action plan, it was only then when I realised the previous waterproofing contractors missed a few crucial steps. Those missing steps were key to a long term solution and total eradication of my waterproofing woes. Also, his workers/colleagues are responsible and knowledgeable, and doesn't leave a mess after finishing the job.

I'm extremely happy and satisfied with the waterproofing services Stanley provided, it was professional and reasonably priced. I highly recommend his services to anyone with waterproofing woes

- Nico, House Owner

SWC Construction is reliable and trustworthy! I recently engaged the company to fix leaking problems with my roof, kitchen ceiling and exterior walls. Its workers were very professional; they practiced  fine work ethics and processes. The company's after sale service is also commendable - equally responsive and prompt! I am pleased with the job done. If you need a responsible and dependable contractor for your home repairs and solutions to overcome leakages, you should try SWC Construction!

-Soo, House Owner

Stanley came highly recommended, and we are glad that we engaged his services to fix the water-proofing for our corner terrace. Stanley was upfront with his assessment of the issues and honest about our options, the cost of each option, and the pros and cons of each option. After Stanley completed the works for interior water-proofing, we decided to appoint him to fix the waterproofing for the exterior walls as well. Given that our house was right next to an alley, Stanley had safety and security concerns around erecting regular scaffolding and proposed the use of aluminum scaffolding instead, which had to be erected and taken down every work day. It meant more work for his team but Stanley went ahead to do it instead, without charging us more. Throughout the works, Stanley was prompt to rectify problems, patient with his explanations, and responsive to messages. We are happy with the quality of work and level of service.

-Geraldine, House Owner

SWC conduct a complete water leakage checks of my terrace. Going the extra mile out of their scope to provide a complete waterproofing of my ceiling, roof and walls. Happy that they are able to solve my house water leakage pain other contractors are unable to solve. 

-Hong Yew, Terrace Owner

Thank you so much for so many extras... value added works, efforts and care taken to ensure that the job  is more than well done. Very deeply appreciated.

-Soo, House Owner