Our Acclaim Wet Area Waterproofing Method


All toilets are required to be waterproofed and completely watertight in order to prevent water from leaking to the area below. However for your toilets to be completely waterproof, simple application of waterproofing membrane onto your surfaces is not sufficient. More often than not, a toilet that is facing water leakage issues is a result of poor application of waterproofing and usage of unsuitable waterproofing membrane.


It may come to you as a surprise that your kitchen is considered a wet area and it requires waterproofing as well. Kitchens undergo washing and occasional splashes of water. Without a proper waterproofing system, your kitchen could be a potential point of entry for water.


Waterproofing of swimming pools is one of the most important segment of construction of a swimming pool. A leaking swimming pool is unacceptable because the amount of water loss due to the leak is unimaginable. To protect our resources, we must place strong emphasis on the waterproofing of our swimming pools.


As opposed to toilet and kitchen waterproofing, balcony waterproofing has to be of much higher quality and durability due to its 24/7 exposure to the weather. Any leakage through balconies is troublesome because whenever the balcony is exposed to water or the rain, leakage will occur and it is difficult to prevent this from happening, unlike the case of water leakage in toilets and kitchens.