Troubleshoot and repair a leaking ceiling
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Troubleshoot and repair a leaking ceiling

When homeowners notice dark patches or bubbled paintwork on the ceiling, is a signal of a leak on the upper floor. Quickly identify the ceiling leak, trace it to its origin and stop the leak to prevent more serious damage to the ceiling.

Water leaking through the ceiling can be dangerous especially when water flows to the ceiling light fixture. It will cause electric shock and circuit break to the house. The worst scenario is your family member gets electrocution unknowingly. Electricity and water make a dangerous combination, as the water’s ions are extremely conductive.

Not only the danger of the above, your favourite fixing and furniture will be ruined as well.

The sign of a leaking ceiling includes the following:

  • Swollen or warped ceiling paintwork
  • Cracks on the ceiling or wall
  • Peeling or bubbling paint
  • Musty or damp odors
  • Sagging or soft spots
  • Structural damage
  • Water droplets
  • Mould or mildew
  • Water stains.

Water that leaks through and around the ceiling fall into three categories: Pipe leaking within the drywall above. An inter-floor leak from the above unit where the waterproofing has ruined or worn off due to its lifespan. Or the rooftop has been damaged due to climate changes or hit by the storm and rain.

The weak point in the ceiling will cause a hole in the drywall that contains the ceiling light fixtures’ electric box, water supplier pipes, or air conditioning pipes that runs above the drywall. Normally homeowners will panic when they see a hole or dampness on the ceiling which means the leak has been there a long time before it is noticed.

To fix the leak, you will have to locate the area of drywall panels that are stained, wet, sagging, and crumbling. At times, homeowners will have to get a contractor to cut open the drywall ceiling to find out the source and cause of the damaged panel.

Drywalls are also known as gypsum board or plasterboard, it soaks up water like a sponge and slows down the water flow, therefore you won’t notice water droplets until the condition of the drywall has been badly damaged.

Many homeowners like to have their pipes hidden inside the drywall above the ceiling for the aesthetic beauty of homes. Water leaks from these pipes flow directly and vigorously along the line of gravity and into the walls and even drip directly down from the ceiling.

To identify the leak in the ceiling, homeowners will have to get ready some protector sheets to cover the floor and furniture from getting wet during the checking process. It will also help collect debris as you cut or open up the ceiling board panel.

Prepare a bucket to catch the water coming from the ceiling, this will help to catch the water once the ceiling starts draining the leak while getting a professional plumber to fix the leak of the pipes.

Water-damaged ceiling drywall should be replaced entirely to prevent it from falling onto any family members or any occupants.


Troubleshoot the source of the ceiling leaks

  1. Sign of Bulge or bubble of water in the ceiling. In some situations, a circular crescent-shaped bulge in the concrete ceiling will precede drips. Piercing the bulge will expel the water trapped in the paintwork layer. If the water is clear, this is a new leak. If the water is brownish and smells mouldy, the leak has been building up for a long time.


  1. If the area above the leak is drywall or attic, access the area with a ladder and bring a flashlight to shine and locate the area of the leak. Follow the water stain mark on the ceiling and mark up the damaged area. If there is a thin string of water moving across the concrete ceiling or water droplets on the ceiling to form a crystallization on the ceiling. Use a flashlight to trace the string of water from the ceiling. Water should show a bright line, and trace the water trails to find its source. Look out for the raised, damaged, or missing shingles under the roof, damaged shingles near the edge of the roof may indicate water leakage.


  1. If the leak area is directly above a bathroom’s toilet, shower, or bathtub, there is a chance that the floor waterproofing membrane is damaged and has worn off over the years of usage. The damage to the ceiling can be complex if you noticed the concrete ceiling have patches of stain or water droplets. Repairing these ceiling damages can be challenging for homeowners, get a professional waterproofing contractor to identify the leak and fix it.


  1. Another possibility of leak will be the plumbing issue from the toilet fixtures above and water has caused a breakthrough in the concrete. A professional plumber would know and determine the leaking in the bathroom, kitchen, or plumber fixture.


Repairs a leaking Ceiling

Restoring the leaking ceiling is important as it will cause further damage to the building structure if it is not taken into action. Water damage and structure are closely connected and often indicate the presence of the other. Ceilings can collapse due to serious water damage.

Ignoring water damage can also pose a long-term health risk from mould, bacteria, and pests and endangers the lives of occupants. Get a professional waterproofing contractor, SWC Construction to conduct an inspection.

SWC Construction, provide and highly recommended a PU Injection Grouting solution which is an effective, cost-effective, and modern technique to fix the waterproofing repairs on the ceiling.  This is totally a fast, hassle-free, and mess-free solution with a non-hacking method. We will take care of everything during the repair, leave the repair work to us and we will get them fixed.

We provide an on-site assessment to identify the water source and provide the best waterproofing repair solution to all homeowners and property owners. Contact us now to find out about our waterproofing services. We are confident to resolve all kinds of waterproofing damage with our well-trained workers and service team.

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