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Our Acclaim Roof Leakage.
Roof Waterproofing Method.

How to Spot a Roof Leakage

A newly and properly built tiled or metal roof is water-tight and there should be no occurrence of water leakage. A properly designed and built roof will only start leaking after years of wear and tear. Residential or commercial owners should be able to identify a roof leakage based on these different tell-tale signs:

1. Water marks on ceiling
2. Constant water droplets
3. Mouldy ceiling or wall
4. Cracked lines on ceiling or wall
5. Damaged drywall
6. Damaged furniture
7. Musty Odour

These are some common issues to determine a damaged roof, at SWC Construction, we not only practice visual understanding of a roof leakage. We conduct proper thermal detection with scientific reporting to ensure that a roof leakage had occurred.

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Roof Leakage Waterproofing Method

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Check for Water Leakage

Visual inspection of suspected water leakage area with the aid of equipment (usually on top floor’s ceiling) and ascertain type of roof: R.C. Flat Roof, Clay Tiled Roof or Metal Sheet Roof

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Assessment & Solution

Prescribe the most effective and cost-efficient method of repair that is suitable to solve the leakage problem.

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Repair & Remedial Actions

Carry out the prescribed method of repair with the best materials available and under close supervision to ensure quality.

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Continuous Assessment

Continuously assess if the repair has truly stopped the water leakage and ensure that roof is 100% water-tight

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Causes of Roof Leakage

Roof leakages are common in Singapore due to constant change in weather. It is especially hot during midday when the sun is scorching. But when it is past midnight, temperature starts to drop by 4-5 degrees Celsius. The problem is this, your roof tiles and metal roofing sheets expand dramatically during the midday sun and contract during midnight when temperature falls. Over time, these roof tiles and metal roofing sheets get damaged and crack. When there is presence of cracks and water, water leakage will occur.

what is pu grouting
what is pu grouting

Roof Leakage Waterproofing Solution

SWC Construction’s answer to this form of water leakage is to carry out application of waterproofing membrane onto the existing roof. This method saves a significant sum of money as compared to removal and installation of a new roof. We perform these roof waterproofing solutions to an underlying problem based on statistics and findings made through our LeakDetect thermal statistic to pinpoint water leakage sources and rectify these leakage issues.

Before delving into waterproofing rectification works, we ensure that you as homeowners or commercial owners understand the cause and issue of these leakages and actions taken to rectify these pressing leakage matters. We’ve collated a sets of waterproofing articles to assist you in understanding the cause and solutions SWC Construction takes in ensuring a customer centric waterproofing solutions.