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Solve Your Water Leakage Issues Without Any Worry

We understand that leakages can affect your daily lifes, thus we have categorized our type of waterproofing works that we can provide but not limited to these. We have a pre-emptive LeakDetect™ service to ensure your leakage problem is properly rectified.

bathroom leakage waterproofing, bathroom repair
Toilet/Bathroom Waterproofing

Toilets and bathrooms are areas whereby there is almost daily exposure to water. If the waterproofing system is not properly installed or has worn out, it is almost certain that water seepage will occur and cause leakage problems either in adjacent rooms or on the ceiling directly below the toilet. A good waterproofing system will last over a decade without any problem, get your bathroom and toilet waterproofed with us. With our approved non-hacking method.

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balcony leakage repair
Balcony Waterproofing

Balconies are exposed to the weather all year round and the waterproofing system to be used on your balconies must be able to withstand rain and shine, day in day out. Some waterproofing systems are more suitable for balcony’s usage because it has better elasticity properties to withstand constant expansion and contraction due to the weather. Experience a long lasting water leakage free balcony with our non hacking waterproofing solution.

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swimming pool waterproofing
Swimming Pool Waterproofing

A leaking swimming pool is difficult to pin-point the exact spot where the water leakage is occurring. It is especially important to work with waterproofing specialist contractor when it comes to repairing swimming pool’s leakage problem because it is exorbitantly expensive to hack and remove the entire swimming pool’s waterproofing system and re-installing the entire system over again. Let us help solve your water leakage issue with our waterproofing method.

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bathroom leakage waterproofing, bathroom repair
Basement Waterproofing

Basement is the foundation of the building and the rest of the building is rested on top of the basement. It should be a known fact that what surrounds the basement structure is usually soil which is constantly damp and there is presence of water in the soil. This exposes the basement walls to  water and dampness. If there’s no proper waterproofing insulation, it might create a heavy cost as the structural of the building might be damage due to water leakage.

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roof waterproofing
 Roof Waterproofing

Roof leakage and seepage starts to happen after a period of time as roof tiles and metal roofing sheets expand and contract overtime in intense change in the climate weather. Through a long period of time, these roof tiles and metal roofing sheets get damaged and starts to crack causing water to leak. Waterproofing of roof is needed to prevent water leaking from such cracks and expanded tiles. Shut all possible water leak by repairing the damaged area.

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pu injection grouting
PU Injection Grouting

Over time, concrete and other porous surfaces may experience cracks and voids due to movement, expansion and etc. If these cracks and voids are found in wet areas (external wall cracks, toilet floor slab cracks, etc), water will enter these cracks and voids and search for weak spots to exit. More often than not, structural water leakages are due to such cracks and voids. Stop these water leakages by waterproofing the cracks isolating water leakages.

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CPT Treatment
Clear Penetrative Treatment

AClear penetrative waterproofing treatment known to waterproof any existing leakage structure such as toilets, balconies, rooftops, swimming pools, basements and kitchens. This waterproofing treatment uses a transparent, penetrative waterproofing chemical solution that is specially made for a non-invasive, no drilling and effective approach to waterproof and ensure water tightness of substrates. The chemicals can infiltrate with the substrates to create a waterproofed layer and prevent water ingress.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is waterproofing??

Waterproofing is the process of preventing water ingress into porous surfaces such as roofs, walls, ceilings or any foundation of a building. It acts as a barricade to prevent water from penetrating, causing inconvenience or damages to owners.

When do we engage a waterproofing contractor?

When there are water patches and marks in your ceiling or dripping water. This is when a waterproofing contractor will assist in identifying the root cause of these leakages and conduct necessary assessment.

Do we engage a waterproofing contractor for water leakage?

Water leakage can be caused by various factors. A waterproofing contractor will normally be able to detect and solve these issues. Waterproofing contractors fix issues such as wall leakage, ceiling leakage, bathroom toilet leakage, swimming pool leakage, kitchen leakage and roof leakage. These leakages are properly assessed and rectified by an experienced waterproofing contractor.

How much does waterproofing cost?

An experienced waterproofing specialist do not charge irrationally. At SWC Construction, we conduct proper thermal reporting and results accordingly to prevent further leakage at a cost-effective rate. These rates are inclusive of warranty!

Why SWC Construction waterproofing?

SWC Construction accredited by BCA and BizSafe in Singapore with over 20 years of waterproofing experience. We are actively involved in public and private projects. Our skills have been tested, refined and proven to solve all kinds of water leakage.