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Multi-Storey Building Water Leakage

BLOG 1 Multi-Storey Building Water Leakage Multi-Storey Leakage Explanations Water leakage is exceedingly detrimental to the structure of multi-storey buildings water leakage. Water could enter the building through different points – from damp construction materials during the construction stage, through roof leakage, basements, air conditioners, wet areas and leaking installations for example windows or doors. Read more about Multi-Storey Building Water Leakage[…]

Leaking Windows and Doors – Fix Water Leaking Windows

BLOG 1 Leaking Windows and Doors: Step by Step Solutions Doors and windows, an opening in the wall or roof of a building, is a mechanism used as an entrance to allow access into the room for people, light, air and such. It’s important and is definitely installed in every building. However, there are always Read more about Leaking Windows and Doors – Fix Water Leaking Windows[…]

Fix Balcony Leak

BLOG 1 Fix Balcony Leak with Few Tell Tale Signs Balconies at home are an asset and definitely a pleasure to have. Not only does it enhances the aesthetics of the house, it helps to make the house appear spacious and allows the apartment to have a better air circulation around the house. The balcony can Read more about Fix Balcony Leak[…]

Waterproofing Specialist Contractors

BLOG 1 Selecting Preferred Waterproofing Specialist Contractors Waterproofing Specialist Contractors There are many contractors who claim that they are waterproofing specialist contractors or water leakage specialists but are they really? Waterproofing is a highly complex job which requires the contractor to understand structures of a building, properties of concrete, the effects of weather on different Read more about Waterproofing Specialist Contractors[…]