Water Leak Detection and Report

In the entire course of water leakage repair, the most important factor that will determine if the repair methodology will work is during the leak detection and diagnosis stage. If the source of water ingress is correctly and accurately detected, we can have a better understanding of the situation and prescribe the most effective method of repair to tackle the leakage issue using our leak detection service.

In the past, contractors have been relying on either their experience and/or outdated equipment to aid them in detecting water leakage sources. This process is highly inaccurate and is subjected to any biasness that the contractor may have.

SWC Construction offers LeakDetect™: a highly accurate and unbiased framework to detect the source of water leakages with aid of state of the art leak detection technologies.

LeakDetect™ is a water leakage and water ingress detection framework which SWC Construction developed (the first in Singapore’s waterproofing industry) which integrates both our professional expertise and knowledge in the waterproofing arena and also cutting-edge leak detection equipment and technologies. LeakDetect™ aims to eliminate human error and biasness by introducing the most advanced water leakage detection equipment into detection and diagnosis.

Water Leakage Detection Analysis

Illustration 1.0:
In these three photographs you can see the water leakage areas clearly (depicted in tones of purple and blue). Judging from the original paintworks via our naked eyes, it is difficult or almost impossible to detect any leakage or dampness. By using SWC Construction’s LeakDetect™ framework, no water leakage can escape our eyes.

Illustration 2.0:
From both these photographs you can see that the moisture/dampness concentrates near the base of the wall and the water spreads upwards and gradually dries off as it approaches the top. This information is highly valuable to a waterproofing contractor because we can tackle the exact leakage area instead of being misled by the photograph on the right, which shows us damp spots all around the wall.


Leak Detection Benefits:

SWC Construction is able to provide you with a detailed, accurate and unbiased diagnosis of all your water leakage problems and subsequently, propose the most appropriate and effective repair method to ensure your water leakage issues can be professionally rectified. It is our mission to improve our services so as to bring to all our clients only the best they can find.