Re-Waterproofing of R.C. Flat Roof @ Bedok

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Works involved:

1.Hack and remove existing failed waterproofing system at Reinforced Concrete (R.C.) Flat Roof followed by application of full PU-modified elastomeric waterproofing system

2.Laying of waterproofing cement screed to conceal and protect the waterproofing system


Initially the house was facing water leakage issues at several locations: ceiling below the R.C. flat roof, surroundings of PVC rainwater discharge pipe and electrical conduits. It was a clear sign of a failed/worn-out waterproofing system. After our team of professionals conducted a thorough inspection, we proposed to the house owner to re-do the waterproofing system. In certain cases whereby, the old waterproofing system has failed to a huge extent, the best way to repair the leakage issues is to re-do the waterproofing.

After we have completed the waterproofing works, we carried out a 4-hour water ponding test to check against the quality of our finished waterproofing system. The water leakage issue has completed stopped.

SWC Construction is a highly professional and experienced waterproofing contractor. We specialize in the repair of water leakages in toilets, balconies, roofs, swimming pools and basements. There are many innovative methods of repair which we possess, i.e. polyurethane injection grouting, chemical treatment, etc. Enquire with us today for a non-obligatory inspection!

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